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If you are looking to bring the unparalleled benefits of moving water to your home, you have come to the right place! We build low maintenance features that look like beautiful mountain streams, waterfalls, or ponds, that work with nature. We use biological filtration techniques to maintain beautiful water quality without harmful oxidizing chemicals, enabling you, your pets, and wildlife to fully interact with your water feature.

About Us

David Russell has lived in Whitefish for 32 years. He is a Navy veteran (Search and Rescue swimmer), and a former Merchant Marine officer. He has education and experience in civil engineering, ski area management, ski mountain operations, forestry, wildland firefighting, as well as rockwork and specialty excavation with his company Spyder Environmental. David brings a lifetime of passion for the mountains and the outdoors, and is a lifelong skiing enthusiast. David has worked many years in construction, excavating, and stonework and brings these skills together for artistry in water with Glacier Aquascapes.

David Russell at Aquascape build in Surrey, B.C.
Jenny Wills near Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho

Jenny Wills is a recent transplant to Whitefish from the Bitterroot Valley. She moved to the Bitterroot in 2007 following over 20 years in law enforcement and having experience and education in project management and information technology. She earned a doctorate in Clinical Psychology following her law enforcement career, and is currently a licensed clinical psychologist in Montana, working exclusively with first responders. She is a lifelong skier, passionate outdoors enthusiast, fly fisherman, gardener, and rockscape enthusiast. As a clinical psychologist, she is acutely aware of the social and mental health benefits of living and recreating in and near moving water, and brings this passion as well as her love of gardening with native plants to work with Glacier Aquascapes.

Mountain Landscape
Mountain Landscape
Spyder Environmental LLC

Spyder Environmental is our sister company, with David Russell as owner/operator. The Kaiser Spyder walking excavator is a specialized machine which enables us to work on projects on much steeper grades than conventional equipment. It also allows us to do ground work with less damage to vegetation in comparison with tracked excavators, requiring less need for remediation following the project.



David Russell (406)261-2788

Jennifer Wills (406)214-2505



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Located in Whitefish, serving the Flathead Valley and Western Montana

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