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Natural Spring

Aquascape pond systems have been refined for over thirty years to deliver pristine water quality.

Using biological filtration, we can create a beautiful pond of any size, from

a small garden fish pond to spectacular ecosystem recreation pond

recreation ponds

Our ponds are designed to work with Mother Nature to create a beautiful habitat for wildlife and people in your own backyard. Ponds can be scaled and designed for any amount of interaction with water.


Ponds and streams can be magical places for children, pets, and adults to enjoy throughout the year. The design we develop with you can facilitate your desired level of interaction with birds and other wildlife.

Water quality is a function of pond design, and also about adding the correct varieties of beneficial bacteria. Think of these as probiotics for your pond.


Whitefish Montana waterfall feature

Ponds and waterfalls can be operational all four seasons, even in Montana, even with fish in your pond! The ice adds a beautiful dimension to the yard in winter months, especially with lighting.

aquascape recreation pond
Fire and Water Basalts 03.jpg
Henderson - Naperville_28_1.jpg

Recreation ponds with Biological filtration

Using beneficial bacteria, plants, and stones, we can create a system to maintain excellent water quality without chemicals.

Depending on the size of your pond, this could be an economical Biofalls and skimmer, or a full intake bay and constructed wetland filter for large recreation ponds or even larger farm ponds. 

Located in Whitefish, serving the Flathead Valley and Western Montana

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